How to enter Annual

AI invites illustrators, cartoonists, or artists that work in visual design and animation to take part in  Annual 2022. Also commissioners or agents may forward entries. Registration opens on November 1st.

Please read our instructions carefully




30 NOVEMBER 2021 • Call for Entries open
7 DICEMBER 2021 at 3pm, competition closure and last day to upload images
JANUARY 2022 • Judging
FEBRUARY 2022 • Announcement of the shortlist of selected candidates
AMRCH 2022 • Announcement of the winners and awards ceremony


The ANNUAL competition is open to:
• All Italian illustrators, cartoonists or artists, who are 18 years of age, (residing in Italy or abroad) submitting published and unpublished works.
• All illustrators, cartoonists and artists in Europe, who are 18 years of age, and have works realized (also) for the Italian market.
• All students, who are 18 years of age, regularly enrolled in the academic year 2020/21 at academies, schools and institutes of professional training art in Italy or Europe.


You can enter Annual 2022 with SINGLE illustrations or illustrations IN SERIES.
Only works created after January 1, 2020 are accepted, with the exception of illustrations in the category Animation, which may be dated before December 31, 2019.

A series of illustrations is a maximum of 5 related illustrations, intended as part of the same product (illustrated book, advertising campaign, comics, animation, etc.) or of the same project (sketches, proofs) color, models, mock-ups, executive, photography of products such as t-shirts, mugs, skateboards, exhibition stands, packaging, posters …).
There is no limit to the number of illustrations or categories to submit.
For the printed book, please note that AI may decide to publish a maximum of 3 illustrations  by the same author per category.

ATTENTION! Students and new graduates if they would like to participate with a project carried out during their studies are requested to participate in the dedicated Student category.


To participate in Annual you must register on the dedicated platform at this address
AI members must use the email that appears on their association profile, so the member’s fee will be applied automatically.
EIF members are requested to send an email to annual@autoridimmagini. it stating to which association they belong and with how many illustrations they would like to take part in Annual, in order for AI to activate the EIF discount.
To check if your association is part of EIF click here → .

REMEMBER! keep your USER and PASSWORD safe, as they will remain valid access keys for all future editions of Annual or other competitions run by AI.


We remind all members that they are entitled to a single image for free: if you have not received the code, request it to
To enter Annual 2022 the following entry fees apply:

SINGLE ILLUSTRATION →  AI members or member’s of associations part of EIF
 € 20  |  Other € 30 each
SERIE OF IMAGES (max 5)  AI members or member’s of associations part of EIF
 € 50
  | Other € 75

Please note there is a mandatory PayPal administration fee of €5.
Payment is requested at the time of registration.
The member’s discount is valid for those professionals who have regularly paid their membership fee for 2022. Please check.

Once you’re registered, you will be asked to indicate the total number of images you would like to enter and go directly to payment. Payments are made by credit card via PAYPAL for the total amount.

– if you participate with the free image only, use the payment button “Partecipa solo con l’immagine omaggio” (=”Participate with the free image only”). This will allow you to proceed immediately to upload the image.
– if you participate with more images in addition to the free one, enter the free code (if you are entitled to it), declare the images you will actually pay, have the total amount calculated and use the “Paga ora” (=”Pay now”) payment button.
– if you decide to postpone the payment, enter the free code (if you are entitled to it), declare the images you intend to upload, have the total amount calculated and use the “Paga in un secondo momento” (=”Pay later”) payment button.

Payment must be made by the deadline for the competition (November 30th at 3 pm).

After payment, you will receive an automated email to confirm successful payment. Confirmation of registration and receipt of your images’ files are confirmed directly by the system on screen.

We therefore advise you to choose carefully in advance how many illustrations you wish to enter, to avoid submitting images and pay the administration fee a second time.
Once payment has been made you may choose to upload your images directly or in another moment. However it’s important to upload all your images before Tueday, 30th November 2021 at 3pm.

Only in exceptional cases, if you have no possibility to pay by credit card via Paypal, you may postpone the payment of the fee, through the “Paga in un secondo momento” (= “Pay later”) button and agree different ways of payment by contacting the AI office at the following email-adresses:


We accept illustrations in any media (traditional or digital techniques). The jury selection will take place online, so digital files must also be sent for traditional artworks.
Some useful clarification about Captions:
• EDITA or INEDITA (=PUBLISHED OR UNPUBLISHED)? the published works are those for which the rights of publication and reproduction have been transferred
• In the COMMITTENTE (=CUSTOMER) field indicate “self promotion”, if the work is unpublished
• TECNICA (=TECHNIQUE): in the second available field specify better which technique you used

Images should be uploaded with the following specifications:
• One high resolution image, not less than 300 dpi
• Minimum dimensions  15 x 20 cm. (if horizontal minimum 15 cm., vertical minimum 20 cm.)
TIFF format (save on one level with JPG compression).
CMYK color method (four-color process).
• Maximum image size accepted 10 MB;
anonymous work: Images with reference to the name of the artist will be excluded of the competition.
Vertical orientation  is strongly recommended, but not mandatory, to ensure an optimal view in the printed version.

For entrants in the category animation only: in addition to what has been specified,
 please send a part of a storyboard or video by sending a link to a YouTube channel to the email address stating in the subject header: the category, the name of the candidate and username and title of the work.
For entrants in the category Advertising and Design only: the image to be uploaded must be naked, but it is recommended to add a thumbnail to the loaded table that clarifies the use that will be made of the image (image reproduced on the chosen medium, the dress made with your pattern, etc.)
Lettering is allowed only if made by the author and if it is an integral part of the image in competition, which must be uploaded “naked”.

Illustrations that do not respect the characteristics above, except for orientation, will not be admitted to the competition.

The candidate takes full responsibility for the correctness of captions and personal data provided. Please note that the information you enter will not be verified, but directly published.


ANNUAL 2022 consists of 9 Categories. During the online entry process, only one of the following category options may be assigned to the illustrations you upload.

ADVERTISING and DESIGN – Illustration commissioned to advertise products, events or brands through any type of media. Illustrations for coordinated image, branding, packaging, fashion design, graphic design, product design, merchandising, greeting cards, calendars, covers (of discs, CDs, DVDs), stamps, creation of fonts, games (board games and digital platforms), patterns and textures.
ANIMATION – Includes all those animated illustration included in a project of animation: storyboard, character design, background, 2D and 3D, games.
CHILDREN’S BOOKS PUBLISHING – Illustration commissioned for publication (on paper or digital) for readers from 0 to 16 years. The work presented can be a cover, an albo, illustrations for magazines, etc.
COMIC – Works (stories or strips) made with sequential images of a realistic / grotesque / comic character, graphic novels, strips for newspapers / magazines and web comix. We STRONGLY recommend loading ILLUSTRATIONS in SERIES
EDUCATIONAL/ SCIENTIFIC – Illustration commissioned and published in the context of scholastic (educational publishing, museum, manuals) and science (encyclopaedias, specialized publishing, illustration natural science, forensic images, architectural images), illustrations related to academic research (archaeology, geology, palaeontology, natural sciences, life sciences, anatomical and medical science), infographics.
PUBLISHING – Illustration commissioned for publication (on paper or digital) for readers from aged 16 and over: covers, illustrated books, fiction, e-books …
PERSONAL PROJECTS – includes experimental work in formats not covered by the other categories, such as installations, gallery shows, experimental work and portfolio projects. Commissioned but un-published work appearing as self-promotion should be entered in the category for which the work was originally done.
STUDENT – Category reserved for the works of students only and the new graduates made during their studies, regardless of the type and intended use.


Tuesday 30 November 2021 at 3pm Italian time. 
Any images arrived after this date will not be entered for selection.


The Jury of experienced professionals will decide, at its sole discretion and without prejudice, which illustrations are selected for publication in Annual 2022. From this shortlist, the jury will award 27 category prizes (gold, silver and bronze) and  the first prize, the Toppi Award for professional and artistic excellence.
Succesfull selection will be published on the AI website at and by social media.
As far as the printed book is concerned, AI reserves the right to establish the space allocated to each illustrator and to organize the reproduction of the works to the best of the publishing needs. In the online publication all the works selected by the Jury will be visible.
All selected candidates are entitled to a copy of the printed Annual 2022. You may request the shipment of a free copy to the client who commissioned the selected work, by filling in the appropriate form, which will be sent to you by email and which will record all the data necessary for shipping. For more information contact

9 • JURY

The selection of all submitted images is carried out by a panel of esteemed professionals. Each member of the jury has expertise in a different category of the sector, in order to guarantee an overall judgement of the works presented in the competition. The works will be kept anonymous during the selection, to avoid influencing the choice of the Jury.

Leading it this year will be Daniela Iride Murgia, an author of images and texts with a rich career behind her, who constantly projects herself into the future through continuous research. Her illustrations, rich in symbols and details, tell stories within stories and are a constant invitation to abandon oneself to the imagination and the pursuit of excellence.


Dalia Gallico, former President of ADI – Italian Design Association, now President of the Design Degree Course at the San Raffaele University of Rome
Ferruccio Giromini, Journalist specializing in history and criticism of image and visual communication
Arianna Malacrida, Boss of the Ghirigori Agency, an agency for illustrators, cartoonists and authors of illustrated books.
Stefano Piccoli, Author of comics and Director of ARF!, the Festival of comics in Rome
Franco Tassi, Art director and founder of Tax free Film, a production company of CGI commercials
Ilaria Tontardini, Professor of History of Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna
Carlotta Viviani, Art director of Rizzoli Scuola


The Jury will assign the following awards:
TOPPI AWARD a Prize of €1000 assigned by the Jury to the overall best illustration in the competition.
FINE ARTS AWARD – LYRA  supported by LYRA, official pencil, for the best illustration created with traditional media.
ANNUAL AWARDS GOLD, SILVER e BRONZE – These awards go to the best illustrations selected in each category in the competition and are an acknowledgement of their outstanding level of professional creativity.

The publication includes the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, a tribute of the AI Board to professionals who have been able to leave their mark over the years, becoming a point of reference for the illustrated image.


AI Associazione AUTORI DI IMMAGINI reserves the right to suspend the initiative and to with-hold from proceeding with the selection should insufficient entries be received or any other circumstance arise that the Board of Directors deems valid. In the event of suspension, all entry fees will be refunded with the exception of the PAYPAL handling fees. By entering the Annual competition, the candidate agrees to the terms and conditions of the competition.
In particular the candidates reserve AI the right to publish the whole or part of the
submitted and shortlisted images in the Annual 2021 publication, as well as on its
website and in any promotional or institutional material AI decides. AI is committed to always quote the name of the illustrator.
The author takes full responsibility for criminal and / or civil liability that may arise from the publication of his works and frees AI from all liability.


Any dispute between the Illustrator and the Association AUTORI DI IMMAGINI related to the selection, publication, or other reasons, will be of the competence of the court of Milan.


The Association ai AUTORI DI IMMAGINI will process the entrant’s personal data in compliance with the Data Protection Act.
The candidate’s data will be processed by AI Associazione Autori di Immagini in compliance with the data protection law. The candidate, having read the rules of participation, accepts them by sending the aforementioned works for selection in Annual 2021 and authorizes the processing of the personal data in accordance with EU Regulation 679/2016 for the selection, publication in the paper and digital book, on the Association’s website and social media, and in the context of further initiatives promoted by AI associazione Autori di Immagini.
The personal data communicated to the Association are collected only for the performance of tasks, required by law and their conferment is mandatory for participation in the selection and publication. Failure to provide the details will therefore determine the impossibility of participating. The interested party expressly authorizes the association AI to disseminate the data provided through the Internet, on the website of the association and / or on other sites, in compliance with the purposes of its statute.


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