Crespi Massimiliano Illustratore

Graduated with honors at the Anatomy Drawings School of the University of Bologna (Italy), I have been working as a medical illustrator for more than ten years. I started my career in 1993 by working for publishing and pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the US and subsequently developing my expertise at the Orthopaedic Institute of Padua from 1996 to 2002. Milan (Italy) based freelance illustrator, I am specialized in medical illustration for editorial and marketing use; surgical and anatomical publications, medical textbooks, journals and magazines, commercial advertising freelance work, and patient education materials. In particular, I have experience in illustrating heart and general surgery (including keyhole surgery and the use of new technologies in medicine), ophthalmology, and orthopaedics. All my work is digital (including multimedia projects) but bears the mark of a skilled draughtsman with an eye to aesthetics and an ability to immediately understand my clients’ requests. My clients include marketing and advertising agencies, pharmaceutical companies, scientific and university institutes, publishers as well as surgeons.