Pagano Paola Illustratore
Via Perugino 25 20135 Milano MI - Italia
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Paola Pagano graduated in Graphic and Multimedia Design at Università di Roma La Sapienza, Italy. She recently moved to Milan and works there as an illustrator and designer. Paola spent the past 6 years in NYC working for a variety of institutions and brands. A naive graceful touch and a colourful, moody palette of textures characterise her style, yet there is a certain melancholic energy in her work that conveys a subtle unease and at times a dark humor. ​Her background includes a Summer Residency in Illustration at SVA and three years as Associate Designer at Artforum International. "Looked at Japanese prints with Glassner this afternoon.That is how I want to write with that much space around a few words. . . . The only words I want to write are those naturally woven into one great silence, not those that merely serve to drown out the silence and to pull it apart." —Etty Hillesum