Modesti Andrea Illustratore
Via Trecourt, 41 27100 Pavia PV - Italia
andreamodesti [chiocciola]
Cellulare: 3381989594


I was born in the city of Pavia and I have a degree from the Fine Art Academy of Brera in Milan, where I made my studies of painting and history of Art, and where my interest in illustration began. After graduation I have specialized in historical illustration and historical landscape painting. My main interest in history runs from Romans to the Napoleonic Age (and more), but my beloved subjects come from Middle Ages and Renaissance. In my works I aim to produce historically accurate and detailed plates as well evocative atmospheres. I am also inspired by Nature, gardens, threes and landscapes, and I have a long life passion for historical buildings and ancient half-timbered houses and villages. All my works are handmade with traditional techniques: watercolour, gouache, mixed media, pencils.