Cammarata Paola Illustratrice

I draw dreams for me and for those who ask me. I was born in 1975 and I am a graduate Architect at Polytechnic in Milan. Freelance artist and illustrator, I grew up surrounded by art: my mother was a painter, I have been drawing since forever. Before being an illustrator, I have accrued experience in other creative works which I loved and led me to illustration. After my degree in interior design and architecture, I studied ceramic, porcelain decoration, Japanese traditional watercolor, Arno Stern’s pedagogic painting and I attended many illustration workshops. These experiences enriched me and allowed me to dedicate myself to illustration professionally. Since 1990, walking my professional artistic path, my soul takes me through different media, subjects, and feelings. I think everything can be translated into sign and color. I always do my best to realize my artwork with professionalism and passion: I hope my creation can involve you because art is emotion! I work with both traditional and digital techniques.